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Serious Goalkeeping has partnered with CrossFit Halifax to offer the best and most comprehensive fitness program for goalkeepers in Atlantic Canada.

The Serious Goalkeeping Strength and Conditioning program is designed to improve Speed, Power, Strength, Coordination, Agility, and Flexibility which will aid the goalkeeper in all aspects of his performance.

Goalkeeper - Shay Given

Goalkeepers will be fitness tested (see our - Fitness Tests) prior to the start of training (day 1), mid-way through the training, and at the completion of the training (final day). By fitness testing players can measure their progress and begin to set future personal fitness goals.

The program will improve vertical jump, horizontal jump, running speed over short distances, durability (ability to endure physical contact and avoid serious injury), muscular endurance (train harder, train longer), kicking distance, throwing distance, kinesthetic sense, and gymnastic ability.

Another new and unique component to the Strength and Conditioning program is 'Vision Training'. The importance of the ability of the goalkeeper to be able to track the ball cannot be over emphasized. The goalkeeper is also required to track opponents positions using peripheral vision among other things. The goalkeeper must also be able to 'block out' other unimportant visual stimulus (the fans, etc.) while playing. Vision training is also important for improving eye-hand coordination as well as eye-foot coordination. Both of which are of monumental importance to the goalkeeper.

Select Soccer Medicine Ball

This program is not about having 20/20 vision. Hopefully you will have already had a proper eye exam by an optometrist over the last year, and if you haven't then you should immediately. 20/20 vision is only part of the visual experience. This program is designed to improve visualization skills (seeing with the mind's eye), eye movement skills, focusing skills, peripheral visual awareness, and visual perception skills. The eyes are controlled by a series of small muscles, and as we know, muscles can be strengthend and their ability to function faster improved. The program will incorporate a series of simple exercises for this purpose.

The program will incorporate the use of medicine balls, hurdles, agility ladders, gymnastic mats, visual training aids, light weights, stability balls, soccer balls, and more. Goalkeepers will also be engaged in position specific exercises that incorporate diving, jumping, falling, catching, etc.

Goalkeeper - Jens Lehmann
Goalkeeper - Kasey Keller
Agility Ladder
Goalkeeper - Jens Lehmann

If the mind says 'YES' and the body says 'NO' ...

The answer will be 'NO!'

I have included a selection of books that were used to develop the Serious Goalkeeping Strength and Conditioning Program. These are a must for any coaches who are looking to implement their own program or for players who are looking for 'homework' to improve their performance.

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