International Goalkeepers Congress
March 18, 2011

Int. Goalkeeper Congress 2010

Serious Goalkeeping Academy Owner and Director Michael Hunter will be attending the 2011 International Goalkeepers Congress in Cologne, Germany.

Coach Hunter will have the opportunity to work with some of the top Goalkeeper Coaches in the world, including Andreas Kopke, winner of the 1990 World Cup and current goalkeeping coach for the German National Team.

From the website ( Click Here ) :

No.1 of the world meet 9 and 10 July in Cologne, Germany

The INTERNATIONAL GOALKEEPER CONGRESS 2011 takes place from 9-10 July 2011 in Cologne under patronage of Andy Köpke, former World Goalkeeper and No.1 of Germany.

Following the successful slogan of this conference "Learn from the No.1" in 2010 in Zurich, 2009 in Munich and 2008 in Nuremberg, the 2011 global meeting of all

- goalkeeper coaches
- technical advisors
- coaches / managers
- goalkeepers

and those interested in football and goalkeeping went successfully into its fourth round 2011 in Cologne, Germany.

The two-day agenda 2011 with more than 10 speakers (including many world goalkeepers, national goalkeepers and goalkeeper stars and legends) 20 lecture sessions, workshops and discussions in different forums as well as one day dedicated to practical coaching & training has demonstrated the latest trends in goal-keeping, innovative coaching methods and career planning for

- professionals
- amateurs
- woman
- kids

During the final week of 2011 FIFA Womens´s World Cup in Germany and one year after FIFA World Cup 2010 we look back to the current performance of goalkeeping in mens and womens football

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