Atlantic S.C. Partners with Serious Goalkeeping Academy
December 23, 2012

Atlantic S.C.

The Serious Goalkeeping Academy is proud to announce that it has partnered with Atlantic S.C. to assist in the delivery of its goalkeeping program.

Atlantic SC is a brand new independent soccer club formed in 2011 and is based in Southern New Brunswick.

Atlantic S.C. are a registered member of the United Soccer League (USL) and play out of the Super-20 League in the New England Division. The USL is the largest organization of elite-level soccer leagues in North America. The team is comprised of players from across Canada, the US and the world, but the majority are based in Atlantic Canada.

The club will also look to field a team in the Super-Y U18 division this summer.

For more info please consult the Atlantic S.C. website - (Here)

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